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Exterior detailing services

Every inch of your car will be sparkling clean with one of our detailing packages.

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Our exterior services include:

  • Platinum Wash

Interior air purged and vacuumed, dash, console and door panels wiped clean. Windows and mirrors cleaned. Custom hand wash and dried, wheels cleaned and tires dressed.

$25 (CARS) $35.00 (TRUCKS / SUV’s) $40.00 (Large SUV/ Mini Vans)  - Excessive dirty cars slightly higher

  • Full Exterior Detail 

Full Exterior Detail Vehicle is hand washed and our clay bar process is performed to remove contaminants and fallout from the paint's clear coat finish. The vehicle is then rewashed and hand dried. The clear coat finish is then buffed and polished to restore that, wet just been painted new look while removing minor scratches. Our quality polymer paint protection is applied to provide your vehicle longer lasting protection. Wheels are chemically cleaned and tires and exterior trim are dressed. 

$125 - $150 Compact, Sedans & small trucks
$175 - $200 Trucks, SUV, Mini Vans

  • Gold Package

Depending on the area that you have the most concern to be cleaned you have the choice of.

Our Full Interior Detail, with the exterior custom washed and dried with our "Aqua Seal" paint protection with wheel chemically cleaned and tires dress.


Our Full Exterior Detail, with the interior air purged and vacuumed. dash, console and door panels wiped clean. Windows and mirrors cleaned. You have the option.

$135-$175 compact to large sedans
$200 - $250 Trucks / SUV / Mini Vans Full

Extra charge for Excessive Dog Hair

  • Full Detail Platinum Package

Our most popular full detail which includes the Full Interior Detail package with our Full Exterior Detail which include "clay bar" to remove clear coat contaminates, buffing and polishing to remove shallow surface scratches and restore original luster. Polymer paint protection applied, wheels and tires cleaned and dressed. A complete restoration.

$175 - $225 Small compact, sedans & small trucks
$275 - $325 Trucks / SUV / Mini Vans

Extra charge for Excessive Dog Hair

  • Paint Over Spray Removal

Many vehicles today are subject to paint over-spray from freshly painted bridges, buildings, and roadways. Left untouched the paint can embed itself deep into today’s clear coated paints making it almost impossible to remove. Our clay bar procedure will easily remove most paint over-spray quickly and safely. We recommend one of our exterior protection services after this procedure.

 Call Shop for quote.

  • Headlight Restoration

Restore those yellow and cloudy looking headlight back to like new, without the cost of replacing them. Starting $49

  • Paint Protection Sealant

Poly sealant applied to new cars or applied to cars after clear coat prepping.
Provides protection against stains, foreign matter, and fading. Keeps your paint finish looking new. $195 cars/ starting $250 Trucks / Vans / SUV.


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